Conflation, The New Yorker
Dust, Academy of American Poets
Skin in Game, Crossing, Experimental, Blizzard,
Dust, Academy of American Poets
No One, Boy in Fins, After Horace, Love, Great River Review
Threshold, Tattoo, Elke
Magician, Berfois
Bridge, Midcentury, Playing Field, Gil Stati Generali (Italian/ English)
Weep Holes, Self-Portrait with Eraser, The Kenyon Review, Academy of American Poets
Even, On Divinity, Passing the Torch, Mantle, On the Seawall
Asea, (one-act play), American Theatre
Ring, The Atlantic
Shiva, The New Yorker
Winter, No Moon, But, Wind 101, Openings, Gift, Diode   
Road TripThe New Yorker
Division OfHarvard Divinity Bulletin
The Size of It, Jehova, Rabbit Hole, Bootstraps, Pebble, Chair
Post Road
Wrecking BallThe New Yorker
Music Class, Hymnals and Revivals, Plume
To The Woman Going Up the Escalator at Columbus Circle at Five-Thirty Last EveningThe Arkansas International
First LoveThe Arkansas International
In the Car with the Theoretical PhysicistThe Threepenny Review
Registry, The New Yorker
Across that Crowded Room, After the End, Swing State, Construction
Five poems, Agni
Seven poems, Terrain
Stationery, Cleaving, Gift Economy, Diode
Cloud Study, The New Yorker
Happiness, Poetry Daily
What I Heard, Alaska Quarterly Review
Mine, Painting the Soldiers, Shadow of, Memorious
Spec, Pear Tree, Thrush
Major to Minor, The New Yorker
Harvest, Salad Days, Tenement, Juxtaprose
The Way Forward, Fountainbleau, Plume
Isn't True Love Wonderful?APR 2016.pdf
More Stones, The Academy of American Poets
The Fall of Lawless Bodies, Lost Wknd
Ajar, The Alphabet Project, Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise
Untold, The Alphabet Project, Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise
Furs Not Mine, Poetry Daily
Lit, The New Yorker
Doing the Loop, Verse Daily, Beloit Poetry Journal
My Raincoat Opens Doors for Me, Plume
Silence, Visiting The Cliffside Villa, Construction
First Thought, Best Thought, Orion
Porch Swing, Summer in a Glass, Berfois
Doing the Loop, Poetry Daily, The Cincinnati Review
Easter on the Rio Grande, The New Yorker
Off the Table, Reckoning, Berfois
String Theory, Door-to-Door, Picasso's Audabe 1942, Cliffside, In Response To, Or Pinocchio (When Inside the Whale), PropellerDiode
Where the Sugar Dollars, Orion
Slow Thinker, Plume
Three Walks (short essay), The Threepenny Review
Overloaded, Mayflower Heights, Peaches Occur, The Imaginary Furrow I Was Plowing, Terrain
Explanation (Hiroshima), The Threepenny Review
Progress Report September 2010, Bomb, Bargain, Bricks, BridgeThe Hudson Review
Furs Not Mine, Italian Guard Dogs of Peterborough, Acorns, Diode
Clasp, The New Republic
The Committee Weighs In, The Threepenny Review
BrutalPoetry Magazine
Moment of TruthPlume
WholeThe Atlantic Monthly
Mask, Swallow, Gravy Boat, Birds with Blue FeathersFront Porch Journal
The Gates of ParadiseThe Manhattan Review
Exodus, MacaroonsThe Tablet
Truth in Advertising, The Writer's Almanac
PetitionPoetry Magazine
To Whom it May Concern, Poetry Magazine
Butter, Poetry Magazine
Live Girls, Two Red CardinalsMemorious
In a Haystack, The Atlantic Monthly
Explication of Text, Garnish, AnnulmentVinyl Poetry
Kentucky DerbyThe Morning News
Self Portrait With Forgiveness, English as a Second LanguageDiode
To an Ant Fallen in the Salt ShakerThe Threepenny Review
As Balthus DidWhite Whale Review
After Reading JuarrozOrion
Alcatraz, At the Zoo, Civil Unrest, Detective X on Vacation, Detective X Captures PygmalionDiode
Temptation to BelieveVerse Daily
Itaglio, Love Poem with Trash Compactor, Still Life with ChildhoodMemorious


Conflation, The New Yorker
Dust, Nighshade, Gaucin, The Kenyon Review
Road TripThe New Yorker
Wrecking BallThe New Yorker
RegistryThe New Yorker
Five poemsAgni
Seven poems, Terrain
Major to MinorThe New Yorker
LitThe New Yorker
Cloud StudyThe New Yorker
Podcast with Paul MuldoonThe New Yorker
Easter on the Rio GrandeThe New Yorker
Overloaded, Mayflower Heights, Peaches Occur, The Imaginary Furrow I Was PlowingTerrain
Exodus, MacaroonsThe Tablet
Truth in Advertising, The Writer's Almanac
Butter, Poetry Magazine